Equipment product management

Equipment product management

  • Water treatment equipment in swimming pools

    诺科尊崇诚实、价值、务实、共赢的企业精神,专注于为客户提供优质的水处理设备,我们提供的设备品牌:Pentair(滨特尔)、 LASWIM(威浪仕)、AQUA(爱克)、HAYWARO(亨沃)、EMAUX(意万仕)、ESPA(亚士霸)、WILO(威乐)、Tenesun(天舒热能)、Coates(高士)、WELGO(威固)、SEKO(西科)、NECON(安康)、TRIOGEN(奥宗尼亚)、TYLO(帝梦)、HARVIA(哈维亚)、SAWO(西活)等等…


  • Infinity pool

    Private luxury swimming pool that can really swim

    Through a special hydraulic pushing device, directional water flow is formed, and swimmers swim in the swimming pool through countercurrent, so as to achieve the purpose of swimming. Similar to treadmills, swimmers cannot swim to the edge of the swimming pool due to the pushing effect of the water flow, and the swimming pool has no frame visual effect design, thus achieving the fusion of the swimming pool and the scenery and achieving a unique visual effect of the swimming pool.


  • Dismountable swimming pool

    Steel swimming pool and glue film pool

    Removable integral swimming pool is a new swimming pool facility. The system completely overcomes the severe restrictions of ordinary swimming venues in terms of professional examination and approval, construction cycle, investment scale, land demand, etc. It has the advantages of economical cost, simple installation, quick construction, and reasonable utilization of the primary system of ordinary flat ground. It can help investors obtain rich economic returns and promote the popularity of swimming.


Core strengths

  • Own factory equipment production line, many international brands authorized distribution.

  • Provide comprehensive, multi-channel one-stop new procurement model.

  • Factory price supply, the price is more favorable.

  • Provide complete equipment follow-up service.

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