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Company Profile

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      SHANGHAI NOKE EPS-TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. founded in 2010, committed to the commercial value of leisure drainage project planning and design, development, mechanical and electrical system engineering technology research and development application, energy-saving product development, research and development of intelligent control system application, and other areas of the business, in the service of urban commercial space travel, vacation industry, tourism and leisure industries such as health care facilities project.

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      Our main business scope includes:swimming pool, spa, water park and the aquarium water environment comprehensive treatment, such as the underground water source, the central water purification system fire water treatment, landscape water, and water environment comprehensive treatment, such as heat energy, solar energy, gas air mixed energy supply, intelligent remote monitoring system and special mechanical and electrical system, etc. Based in Shanghai, SHANGHAI NOKE EPS-TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.radiates to the whole country, makes friends with each other in the same trade, enjoys the prosperity of the whole country, converts the research and development and application of cutting-edge engineering technology efficiently, promotes it rapidly, upgrades and optimizes the market application at all levels, and embodies good social benefits and commercial values.

One-stop solution

Leisure Water Planning, Consulting, Design, Engineering and Maintenance

Company history

  • 2010

    At the beginning of construction, the design, engineering and service of the Taihu Swimming Pool project in Wujiang New City were approached and completed.

  • 2011

    Start Jiangsu Shajiabang Hot Spring Resort electromechanical system consultation, hotel room building system, hot spring electromechanical system design, engineering

  • 2012

    Start the club swimming pool operation and successfully undertake the operation services of the Changshu Institute of Technology swimming pool project

  • 2013

    Perfect to create a first-class swimming environment, with a number of swimming pool dedicated constant temperature equipment manufacturers to develop a pool dedicated air-conditioning system.

  • 2016

    Promote the "ENDLESS-POOL" system, develop private swimming pools, train swimming pools, and make swimming a habit!

  • 2018

    Cooperate with top domestic design companies to develop high-end private villa projects.

  • 2020

    The development of rehabilitation physiotherapy in water. Make use of their own market advantages, committed to promoting the development of Social Services Public Welfare projects, the practice of corporate social responsibility.

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